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The Role of Influencer Marketing in SEO Services

by Cyrus

Search engine optimization is the major part of marketing now a day. SEO services are the process of gaining traffic and attracting customers to the website. This is not a simple task, but it involves many strategies and making a few changes to your website design and content. If your website is properly optimized, then definitely more customers get attracted to your website. The main reason to increase traffic to your website is to achieve more sales, and it will benefit your company in a good way. This is the reason why many companies are investing more money for SEO services. Most of the companies invest in SEO services because of the strong results. Declining market share is a big problem these days. If your website is not getting any more traffic, then definitely you will lose your customers, who are the main reason for your business. But websites which are active and have more traffic are inclined to move forward. A well-designed website and increased traffic will lead to higher sales. High sales will result in better customer retention rate. All of these results will benefit the company, and this is the main reason why many companies are taking steps to SEO or internet marketing. SEO services are very effective and should be taken seriously by companies who want to take their business to a higher level. This is a very cost-effective approach, and the service is very cheap in comparison to the value that will add to your company. SEO has proven to be one of the leading cost-effective forms of online marketing, and it has become very competitive in these days due to its global recognition of the internet.

What is SEO service?

Seo stands for search engine optimization. This is very serious for business now these days as all the users are now depending on the result of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. Let me give you an example e-commerce gets 85% of its total traffic from the search engine and rest from promotional activities done on social media, e-mail marketing. Suppose if any user is searching for a digital product and typing so and so words in Google he should see the same product of the e-commerce website on the very first page of Google. Now there are chances that he may visit the website and the product should be worth buying that depends on the user. Now seo is modifying the website in such a way that product is visible to user fast and on first page. This increases the chance of user visiting this website he may check other products too. Now for promotional activities what most of the companies do they get the business to top internet marketing companies where they will have spend a lot on seo team for optimizing to get more traffic to improve their business which indirectly increases their business too. The primary aim of seo service is to promote a site to the extent that it surpasses all its competitors or appears in the first few pages of the search engine. It is an ongoing process with hard work. In layman language, seo services can be provided by any internet marketing company who will optimize a site in such a way so that it can start giving return on investment (ROI) and will remain stable in the market for longer period. Now ROI depends on what the site is selling. Suppose if its services based company or a small firm website than it needs more traffic to get business. If it is e-commerce site than it must increase the sale of its products. Now promoting online business needs a global audience so seo needs to be done on global keywords.

Importance of SEO services

Why exactly is it important to evolve SEO into an influencer in e-commerce? As Google’s algorithms change and social behaviors follow suit, the only way to remain competitive is to keep up. Recently, links have become an increasingly depreciated manner of increasing organic search traffic. With the imminent arrival of Google’s Realtime Search, social media based content such as Twitter will be vital to search visibility. An RS-optimized SEO strategy will be predominantly about qualifying trending content, then catalyzing the process by watching keyword trends and social behavior, finally taking the right action at the right time. Succeeding in this kind of strategy will require intimate social integration by an SEO service, something that no other form of marketing can engage as effectively as influencer marketing. In the long term, it is not unreasonable to say that social media will one day become a primary hub for discovery of new products and services. As organic search visibility hinges on crawling and indexing content, an increasing amount of this content becomes isolated behind logins, javascript, form submissions and private APIs. In the history of internet marketing, no other channel has been able to consistently deliver the visibility as well as the control provided by SEO – and there is no exception this time. It may happen in a year, it may happen in 20 years – but so long as there are search engines, there will be a way to optimize visibility of content that is being used to influence their keyword research. Influencer marketing needs to adapt and become an indispensable part of the SEO process, lest it get left behind.

Influencer Marketing and SEO Services

Influencer marketing is a form of multilevel marketing that focuses on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential consumers and orients marketing activities around these influencers. The idea is to inspire or hire influencers to inspire consumers to buy, resulting in a two-way relationship between the client and the influencer involving compensation. This form of marketing has been growing in the last few years due to the rise of social media platforms and active consumers. Companies are given an alternative to the traditional method of buying an audience who may not necessarily be interested in their product. This is great if the influencer marketing campaign is successful, as the product will seem more desirable to specific consumers who would already be interested in the product. This should, in theory, result in a purchase by the consumer and be cost-effective in relation to the effectiveness of standard marketing campaigns.

Benefits of influencer marketing in SEO services

Influencers have an army of dedicated followers who believe, trust, and listen to their influencers. An influencer will never have to force an opinion onto their following and will often drive more traffic to the brands they support rather than a brand trying to push a product onto a consumer. Influencers have the capability to appeal to a specific demographic or niche which a brand may be trying to target. A business can make great returns from sales and brand awareness if the influencer they are working with is a good match with their brand and the campaign is executed correctly. An influencer’s followers trust the influencer’s opinions, meaning that the audience a business is trying to reach is there, it is simply a matter of the influencer marketing delivering the right message. This is beneficial for a brand because often an influencer may do more than what is asked from a promotion and talk about the brand within their own blog post or YouTube video, which can continue to show in search results with good SEO. This is effectively free advertising for a brand who can easily see which influencer is providing the best ROI. Relevancy is of great importance for SEO, and influencer marketing goes hand in hand with this. When an influencer talks about a brand or product, it opens up numerous avenues for new content to appear in search engines. This will increase the brand’s SERPs as the new content provides more opportunities for the brand to be found, whether it is through the influencer’s promotion, a review, or through social media. Static content on a doctorate or master’s level is deep in pointing the increasing usage of influencer marketing by brands. This is an interesting study that can be accessed in full here.

Strategies for Incorporating Influencer Marketing in SEO Services

Creating engaging content with influencers can take many forms in SEO campaigns. However, it is important to consider content programming holistically when structuring an influencer campaign. In this context, content programming will correspond to a plan for creating and promoting content that impacts organic visibility of a site. One simple form of programming might involve an influencer simply creating a blog post on the brand’s site. This post, while promoted by the influencer, will serve to provide content relevant to the influencer’s audience on the brand’s site. This is a fundamental step to providing engaging content that will also serve as a link building asset. Step a bit further, and a brand might work with an influencer to engage in a series of posts or a special project. This type of programming will serve to keep consistent the influx of viewers to a site from an influencer campaign.

Identifying relevant influencers is the first and perhaps the most critical step in incorporating influencer marketing in SEO campaigns. There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when considering potential influencer partnerships. First, it is important to consider the relevance of the influencer to the brand. This can be determined in part by the type of content an influencer posts, but also the general image or perception associated with the influencer. Second, it is important to evaluate the potential influencer audience. This includes considering the size of the influencer’s audience, but also the demographics and general psychographic profiles of those individuals. Finally, it is important to consider the alignment of an influencer and their audience to the brand and its audience. In order to do this, it may be necessary to consult with the influencer directly on their understanding of their audience, and potentially ask for access to more specific data from the influencer’s blog or social accounts.

Identifying relevant influencers

As easy as this might sound, identifying relevant influencers is one of the most crucial steps in influencer marketing. Influencers must resonate with the brand and also have an audience that is likely to be interested in the brand. There are a number of ways to find relevant influencers but the main methods are: searching on social media, using a discovery tool or by using an agency or consultant. Searching on social media can be time consuming, especially if brands are looking to work with a number of influencers. However, it is a good way of finding influencers that already have a genuine interest in the brand. Using a discovery tool is a quick and simple method. There are various tools out there such as HYPR, Scrunch and Tap Influence. These tools allow the user to easily find influencers that are relevant to the brand. It provides statistics for each influencer so that it is easier to see whether or not they are a good fit. Using an agency or consultant is also a simple method. Agencies have a wide knowledge of influencers and can easily pair the brand with the right people. This method can be costly but it can save the brand a lot of time and effort. Once the brand has a list of influencers, they must then narrow it down to those who are the best fit. This can be done by comparing each influencer and looking at what they can offer. Firstly, the brand should look at the influencer’s audience. The brand should try to get an idea of who the influencer’s followers are and whether or not they are likely to be interested in the brand. The audience should be similar to the brand’s target market. The influencer’s content should also be reviewed. The brand should look at the content’s relevance and quality. If the content is irrelevant or low quality, it is likely that the audience will not be engaged. Finally, the brand should examine the influencer’s personality and reputation. The influencer should have a good reputation and a likeable personality. This will reflect positivity on the brand.

Creating engaging content with influencers

When co-creating content with influencers, it is important to match the content with the right influencers. The best way to do this is to start by evaluating the brand’s needs and the interests of the influencers. What is the message the brand is trying to convey, and who are the people that they want to reach? What is the influencer’s area of expertise, and who is their target audience? The content needs to align the interests of the brand and the influencers in order for it to be beneficial for both parties. Once this alignment has been established, it is much more likely that the influencer will be willing to help promote the content. Given that it is something that they find interesting and will benefit their audience. Step two is to create a promotion plan. Time and time again, great content falls short because there was no plan to get it in front of the right eyes. Both brands and influencers have their own networks, and it is important to utilize them. Simultaneous promotion to both networks will help to generate traffic and improve search rankings.

Engaging influencers to participate in the creation of content for a specific brand is often thought of as co-creating content. Influencers are viewed as experts and leaders in their respective niches, and their opinions are taken seriously. The content that they help produce can range from YouTube videos, “how-to” articles or posts, product reviews, to many other forms. This is an attractive method for brands because it is more authentic and influential than brand-produced content.

Leveraging influencer partnerships for link building

So if an influencer has an audience, and that audience sees the content and it is then linked within a post citing it, that’s a link obtained from the minimum possible effort, albeit not the target audience, it’s a job done well in the internet “marketing” sense. The aim is to ensure that the content produced is engaging enough to provoke a share, such that it gets showcased to the influencers’ audience. Alternatively, it may be possible to directly share content onto the influencer’s publication depending on what agreement has been made. A share onto the influencer’s publication is usually accompanied by a further promotional post to ensure it isn’t drowned out by newer content. If it goes down well, it’s not uncommon for the content to be revisited in future. This is a best case scenario.

However, that is often not the case. Linking to content is a heavily time invested task, and most webmasters are reluctant to give out links. Therefore, there needs to be an increased incentive for people to link to content. This means that for a lot of webmasters, in order to obtain links it would be a case of having to advertise the content. But wait, isn’t there an easier way of doing that? This is where it is possible to leverage influencers in order to promote content for the sake of getting those coveted links.

When it comes to the evolution of SEO, link building has always been a staple. It’s difficult to imagine a time when link building wasn’t essential in SEO, even if those were the good old days for black hat SEO. Unfortunately, obtaining high quality links is one of the most difficult tasks in SEO, and often one where time and money feels wasted. The common belief is that if you build it, they will come, if you have created good content people will link to it.

Measuring the impact of influencer marketing on SEO

Influencer marketing should deliver a good return on investment if it is to justify ongoing investment. Influencer marketing for SEO can be measured in terms of link creation and amplification (as with general influencer marketing) but also in terms of the rankings for the target website (a measure of the content’s ‘findability’ and the increase in authority derived from the inbound links). To measure the impact on rankings and the increased authority, a two-phase approach can be taken. Firstly, it should be possible to identify the content created with the influencer (or the link building activity) and track the links and amplification achieved. Ideally, content will have been created to attract specific types of links or shares to aid measurement – for example, the influencer may have been able to secure some links from a specific industry due to their authority and visibility within it. A comparison can then be made with the links and amplification achieved on other content, and the specific increase in links and shares derived from the influencer activity can be inferred. This will provide the links/shares element of the ROI.

Influencer marketing is a newly evolved marketing strategy due to changes in human behavior. Every business needs sales and it’s possible by marketing their products. Marketing is the backbone for every business since it involves interacting with people to buy the product. In olden days, most companies used television for marketing since it can reach a wide area of audience. Later, digital marketing came into play and the most used source is SEO which is cost efficient compared to television ads. But in recent years, based on the stats, most people started watching videos on YouTube, streaming on Twitch, and communicating on social media, which has considerably increased compared to previous years. But most companies who invest in digital marketing target old people as well as people who don’t use social media regularly. And it is considered a waste of marketing since the people are spending more time online. Developing a more effective digital marketing strategy using influencer marketing in an effort to increase the visibility of your brand remains the best way to improve overall sales. When you partner with an influencer and implement a fully fleshed out marketing strategy, your brand can reach a larger audience over a shorter period of time, and with content that better resonates with your target market. This is important because in order to see improvements in sales, whether it be from a product or service, you need to expose what you are offering to more people. A return on investment has shown to be much higher when compared to Google Adwords or Facebook advertising due to the effectiveness of social endorsement from an influencer. This is a popular method which is done by investing in the right SEO service to improve sales from your products. Based on the effectiveness of the influencer marketing strategy, as said earlier, it is worth involving into the SEO already recommended for improving your ROI. This can also help to identify new methods taking insight from influencers themselves to find a voice that resonates more with a specific target market, compared to the MSM conversion style. With features explaining using innovative methods into your current SEO strategy and how to implement an influencer marketing campaign, you can use this blog as a resource to break into new grounds in your advertising.

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