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What Are the Career Options After BSc. and MSc. Biotechnology?

by Cyrus

Biotechnology as it stands for Bio+Technology also known as biotech. It is a vast field as it holds various fields like biology, physics, chemistry, maths, and computer science as it is the mixture of technology in biological sciences.

In this modern era as we know technology is a main aspect as it has entered in every field if it is architecture, medical science, and many other fields and revolutionised and taken it to a high and created possibility to think beyond imagination.

Similarly, as we know science and technology are the most important sectors that are playing a vital role in human growth and development. We already know both of these sectors are the key to human growth and development in this field is already supported by everyone around the world.

Its development has taken humans to another extent of technology where science has developed and provided satisfactory results.

This field has enough capability to provide maximum growth opportunities to everyone and it will always continue till the human exists as development in science and technology sector will never so till the existence of humans.

Bachelors and Masters in Biotechnology course allow you to grab these upcoming opportunities in the future and build a successful career so you can start your life journey. We have discussed some of the opportunities and challenges that you may get in this journey and all about it.

Opportunities where Biotechnology can produce jobs and other opportunities in the future are the following-:

●     Clinical Technician: these technicians work in various laboratories of sciences in government and private organisations and institutions and have huge opportunities to grow their careers in this field.

  • Expected salary-: 5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Chemical operator: In various industries, they are in charge of controlling and maintaining heavy machinery and other sectors like private and government; these technicians are required like pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, furnace industries etc.

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Biomedical equipment technician: These are responsible for handling biomedical equipment and control them in various pharmaceutical industries.

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Microbiologist: Researches on various topics related to bacteria, viruses and cells are done by them in various sectors as Environment, pharmaceutical industries and many other industries.

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     DNA analyst:One who collects DNA samples and examines the genetic formation of DNA’s which are also helpful in forensic sciences

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Business development manager: One who manages strategic plans of various industries and helps to manage risks and plans for the growth of the future of the company.

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Pharmaceutical manufacturer: One who manufactures chemical compounds for the pharmaceutical industry and manufactures medications and other pharma equipment.

  • Expected salary-:4 -12 Lakh Rupees

●     Scientist: May also take their career towards research and conduct experiment and become scientists

  • Expected salary-:4.5 -15 Lakh Rupees

●     Biomedical engineer: One can join this field and create medical equipment which are used in Pharmacies, diagnostic tools and other equipment.

  • Expected salary-: 5 -14 Lakh Rupees

●     Process Engineer: One of the most important posts in every industry as he is the one who plans and manages the workflow, labour, supply and equipment.

  • Expected salary-:5 -16 Lakh Rupees

●     Product Manager: Product managers manage all the production going   through production in any industry. Prepares the strategy and proposals regarding product and their feedback.

  • Expected salary-: 5 -20 Lakh Rupees

●     Bioprocess engineer: Bioprocess engineers supervise the production of biotechnological products like biofuels, generators, cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals.

  • Expected salary-:5 -20 Lakh Rupees

●     Environmental health and safety officer: Maintains places and industry regulations related to workplace hazards.

  • Expected salary-: 5 -8 Lakh Rupees

●     Pharmaceutical consultant: One who works as an advisor in various pharmaceutical companies who helps in manufacturing of various medicines. They Are experts and specialise in pharmaceuticals.

  • Expected salary-:5 -10 Lakh Rupees

●     Biostatistician:Biostatisticians collect and examine the data of all living things and structure them statistically. They research on various projects to gather biological samples, review archival documents and rectify data trends.

  • Expected salary-:5 -13 Lakh Rupees

Not only these there are so many other opportunities that can be grabbed by the students in government and various private sectors.

  • Animal research associate
  • Plant breeder
  • Forensic science technician
  • Biotech consultant
  • Geneticist
  • Biotechnology professor
  • Clinical research manager
  • Epidemiologist
  • Facilities manager
  • Forensic science technician

We can say that it depends on us as there are various governmental and nongovernmental organisations which are providing various opportunities for freshers as well as Experienced. For Better experience and learning one has to join the best institution. Now there are various paramedical colleges that are also providing these courses where students may learn and practice on different machines and prepare themselves for their future as a working professional.

If you are willing to join such a wonderful opportunity you may join any best paramedical college in Delhi and start the journey of your dreams as a career.

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