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Using the Aadhaar Number to Simplify the Process, CoWIN Certificate Download PDF

by Alvaro

The CoWIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network) tool has been essential in managing the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain in India. It becomes increasingly important for people to have a CoWIN certificate as proof of vaccination as the vaccination effort moves further. This certificate acts as digital proof of immunization for the individual. We’ll show you how to use your Aadhaar number to download your CoWIN certificate in PDF format in this article.

CoWIN Certificate Download Process

Individuals can easily download their vaccination certificates through the CoWIN platform. The steps are as follows:

Register or Sign In

Click the “Sign In/Register” button and input your login information if you have previously created an account on the CoWIN platform. If not, select “Register Yourself” and finish the procedure by entering the required information, such as your mobile number and ID evidence (Aadhaar card, driver’s license, etc.).

Verify Your Mobile Number

You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your registered mobile number after registering or signing in. In the field provided, enter the OTP to confirm your mobile number.

Visit the section for downloading certificates.

Go to the “Certificate” tab on the CoWIN dashboard after logging in. You can download your vaccination certificate from this section.

Fill up Your Information

Choose the option to download your certificate using your Aadhaar number from the certificate download section. When prompted, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and press the “Submit” button.

Download Your CoWIN Certificate

The CoWIN platform will confirm your information after receiving your Aadhaar number and create your immunization certificate. When the certificate is prepared, a button labeled “Download Certificate” will appear. To download your CoWIN certificate in PDF format, click on it.

Print the Certificate or Save It

You can print a hard copy of the certificate after downloading the PDF file, or you can store it digitally for later use. To ensure simple access whenever needed, it is advised to preserve both physical and digital copies of the certificate.

Advantages of CoWIN Certificate Download using Aadhaar Number

There are various benefits to downloading your CoWIN certificate using your Aadhaar number:

Process simplification: 

The certificate download procedure is streamlined when you use your Aadhaar number, making it simpler and more practical for people.

Reliable Verification 

The accurate verification of a person’s immunization status is ensured by certificate downloads based on their Aadhaar number because it is connected to their distinctive identity.

Safe and Authentic Document: 

The CoWIN certificate that you may download using your Aadhaar number is a reliable, authentic, and acknowledged proof of immunization by authorities and organizations.


You can conveniently save and access your CoWIN certificate on your device using the PDF format, doing away with the need for physical copies.


To prove their immunization status, persons must obtain a CoWIN certificate. You can quickly download your CoWIN certificate in PDF format using your Aadhaar number by following the instructions in this article. You will receive an official document that certifies your immunization status as a result of this convenient and safe method. Make cautious to store your CoWIN certificate securely because it can be needed for a variety of activities, like traveling, attending events, or entering certain facilities. By staying current on the CoWIN site and downloading your immunization certificate when available, you may stay informed and aid in the fight against COVID-19.

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