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Rankings and Cutoff for Fergusson College: A Guide to Admission

by Alvaro

In Pune, India, Fergusson College is a distinguished college known for its outstanding academic programs and extensive history. Since its founding in 1885, Fergusson College has continually upheld a good reputation for offering top-notch instruction in a range of academic fields. In order to better understand the admissions process, prospective students frequently look for information about Fergusson College rankings and cut off scores. We shall examine the cutoff requirements for admission and examine Fergusson College’s rankings in this piece.

Fergusson College Rankings:

One of the best colleges in India has continuously been named as Fergusson College. High rankings from numerous reliable sources are a result of its dedication to academic excellence and research. Let’s look at some of the significant rankings Fergusson College has attained:

Ratings provided by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)

The Ministry of Education, Government of India, yearly releases the NIRF rankings, and Fergusson College has continuously been listed among the best colleges. The rankings are determined by a number of factors, including graduate success, productivity in research, and resources for teaching and learning.

Rankings for India Today:

Furthermore, Fergusson College has been acknowledged in the India Today rankings. These rankings take into account things like academic standing, faculty caliber, student-to-faculty ratio, facilities, and job placements. In these rankings, Fergusson College has continuously attained a notable place.

Rankings by Times Higher Education (THE)

The rankings are well-known around the world and offer a thorough evaluation of universities and institutions all over the world. The inclusion of Fergusson College in these rankings attests to both its academic and international standing.

Admissions cutoff:

The qualifying examination must be passed with the required cut-off score in order to be admitted to Fergusson College. The number of applicants, the number of seats available, and the academic standing of the candidates are some examples of variables that affect the cut off scores each year. For various courses and categories, the cut off scores are established separately. Let’s examine the broad patterns and elements that Fergusson College took into account while setting the cutoff scores:

Academic Progress:

The academic standing of candidates is a significant consideration for Fergusson College when establishing the cutoff marks. For courses with higher demand or fewer seats available, the cut off scores are often higher.

Current Year’s Cutoff:

For potential applicants, the previous year’s cutoff scores can act as a guide. Candidates can gain an indication of the anticipated cut-off range and establish reasonable goals for admission by looking at the cut-off from the prior year.

Cutoff by category:

According to governmental rules, Fergusson College abides by reservation standards. Different groups, including General, SC/ST, OBC, and others, have various cutoff scores.

the accessibility of seats

The availability of seats for each course also has a significant impact on the cut-off scores. In comparison to courses with more openings, courses with restricted seats may have higher cut-off scores.


The high rankings Fergusson College consistently receives in respected surveys and evaluations are evidence of both its academic prowess and the caliber of education it provides. The cutoff scores and other selection criteria should be understood by prospective students hoping to enroll at Fergusson College. Prospective applicants can set reasonable goals and make wise judgments by being aware of the ranking and cut-off criteria. Fergusson College is still a highly sought-after college because it gives students a place to flourish in their chosen disciplines and pursue their academic goals.

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